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School of Body Piercing

Why Pierce de Resistance?

Quite simply, PdR School of Body Piercing offers something that no other training facility can the opportunity to learn to pierce with qualified medical professionals. PdR trainers have many years experience in medical fields, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of quality, care and expertise in the practice of piercing.

What can I expect from PdR seminars?

A safe, hygienic and open environment. Flexibility in the seminar structure allowing for varying levels of experience and the particular interests of attendees. The opportunity to gain valuable practical experience at all skill levels under the direct supervision of senior PdR piercers. Expert guidance in the selection of appropriate piercing instruments, sterilisation equipment and jewellery. A comprehensive manual covering all the material contained within the seminar, with a complete set of revision questions and learning aids. A resource list of contacts and suppliers giving you all the benefit of PdR's experience, an invaluable reference for the practice of piercing. Total back-up and support, both during and after completion of seminars, and continuing training and networking opportunities.

Will I receive formal accreditation?

It is important to know that there are no formal "schools" or accreditation processes to become a body piercer. Titles like "master piercer" are worth very little, partly because they are used so often and partly because they falsely imply some kind of qualification. Likewise, the fact that an establishment is "Health Department Approved" can mislead, since by law all piercing venues must gain this approval before they can open their doors for business. If you are interested in training as a piercer, know that piercing can't be learnt in a matter of days, or even weeks. Completing even the most advanced seminars provides no guarantees, what counts is experience. At PdR we provide a safe, professional environment for you to gain experience.

You will also receive a certificate of attendance. Again, this is intended not as "proof" of your ability to pierce, but as a statement recognising your participation In the PdR seminars. However, those who know the high standards of the instruction provided by PdR's medically qualified piercers will recognise the value of this certificate.

Download a registration form here. The form is of an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Format.